Yes, I had a Branding Session and you should have one too!

Since the quarantine started, a lot of us (small business owners), found ourselves with some extra time in our hands and finally going through those “to-do” lists that we keep pushing for “when we get the time”

One big “to-do” on my list was to update my website and that included, my “About” page. I’m not going to lie and said that I was looking forward to it, but after some consulting and research it became clear that my clients wanted to know who they were really hiring and what makes me different than all the other photographers out there.

It also became clear that if I wanted my brand to translate in those pictures, there will be some planning involved. I created a mood board, that included the colors and aesthetics of my brand. I found pictures for inspiration, so instead of just giving the photographer adjectives of what I wanted my pictures to look like (adjectives can be subjective), I gave them a visual aid.

I chose my home as the location, because it doesn’t get more real than that. I use the help of a stylist, and together we were able to create a cohesive look from my makeup, the wardrobe and even some additional decor elements in my house, that represents me, my values and my brand (that included my two rescue dogs, Pebbles and Chance)

After my branding session I have used this method to create the same results when working with entrepreneurs on branding sessions and creating content for them. The results have been amazing!

Your clients want to know you, they want to know who they are hiring or buying from. They want to bond with you over things that are important to them (In my case, I found a lot of my clients loved the fact that I was so comfortable around dogs and knew all this tips to help getting pictures with their dogs either on their wedding day or engagement session).

And just so you can see what I mean, I added some examples of “Branding Session” by yours truly. (Right after my own pictures)

It’s your time to shine. Go and show your clients why you are the right choice for them!

The team behind my Branding Session:

Brand Identity created by: Simply Sianne

Stylist: Her Inspired Guide

Hair and Makeup by: A touch of beauty by Lily