Your album tells a story. Your story. The traditional wedding portrait you might hang on your wall is just a tiny piece of that story. But your album shows the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh. It reminds you how you felt, and who you were with throughout your wedding day.

Your wedding album isn’t only for you to remember the details of your wedding. It’s for the day your little girl asks about how you met Daddy. It tells her what Uncle Matt looked like when he was 21. It shows her the incredible look on Daddy’s face when he first saw Mommy in her wedding gown. It reminds her that Grandma and Grandpa were there that day, and shows the joy Grandpa felt when he twirled you around on the dance floor.

It reminds her that she came from a place of love. That your love story is the beginning to the family you’re growing and the memories you’re making.